6 Best Travel Shavers

Best Travel Shavers

Finding the best travel shaver for you can be difficult. There are so many brands out there, so many aspects and features to consider, and you’ll want to find a brand you can trust. The last thing you want to add to your travel worries is what kind of shaver you’re going to take with you.

That’s why we’ve assembled this list of travel shavers that are considered the best in the industry right now. In this article, we’re going to look at a number of travel shavers based on price, features, and overall quality.

6. Panasonic ES3831k Single Blade Electric Travel Shaver

You might expect the price for a travel shaver to be quite high. However, with the Panasonic ES3831k, the shaver’s cost is not a concern. The price of this Panasonic travel shaver is under $20. This portable Panasonic shaver features a tough frame. It would be ideal for men with sensitive skin. While it doesn’t have a wide variety of features, the ones it does have are considerate of the user, such as having hypoallergenic blades and foil made out of stainless steel.

The Panasonic ES3831K is a wet and dry shaver that features floating heads. These shaver heads can adjust to the shape of your face. It has a motor speed of 8500, which will ensure a smoother shave overall. Bear in mind that this travel shaver catches short hair much better than longer hair. Thus, it is best suited for regular trimming and stubble cleaning.

Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver

5. Phillips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Shaver

The Philips Norelco PQ208 is one of the more compact shavers out there. It comes with two independent floating heads which both have self-sharpening blades. This travel shaver is noted for being particularly easy to hold. It should also be noted that this shaver focuses more on travel convenience and so doesn’t have wet and dry functionality or a trimmer.

The Philips Norelco PQ208 is particularly cheap at $14.99. It can function very well as a backup for work or home when you really need to shave on the go. This is one of the quieter shavers out there, and it gives a close shave without any irritation. The Philips Norelco PQ208 is definitely one of the best travel shavers when compared with other cheaply priced shavers on the market. It’s good at reaching the tough-to-get spots, and it’s light and compact at the same time.

Philips Norelco PQ208-40 Razor

4. Panasonic Men’s Razor for Travel ES-RS10-S

The Panasonic ES-R10-S is a travel shaver that requires two AA batteries in order to function. Even though it’s an electric shaver, it’s been recognized as offering a better shaving experience than using a traditional razor blade. The plus here is that shaving cream isn’t required because the shaver itself is capable of completing the shaving process by itself. For that reason, this shaver is best used for dry shaving.

The shaver comes with a plastic case that will help to protect the product when you’re on the go. It’s very effective at removing hair even with its small design. The fact that it runs off of AA batteries means that there won’t be any sort of lengthy charging process required for the shaver to function. These small details make it one of the best travel shavers available.

Panasonic Men's Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-S

3. Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor

The Shavetech Travel Razor is another rechargeable option. This travel razor is just four inches. Considering its form factor and how small and light it is, this shaver is considered to be one of the most convenient travel shavers you can buy. Since it does use a rechargeable battery, there’s the issue of having to charge it to shave. However, it does charge quickly.

This shaver need to be charged for four hours after first being used. There’s a retractable USB connector built into the unit that can be plugged into your laptop so that your shaver is charging while you’re getting some work done on your laptop. This model uses foil blades that will give a close and satisfying shave. It can also be used with the brush included in the set.

Shavetech USB Electric Razor

2. Braun M90 Washable Mobile Shaver

The Braun M90 runs on an AA battery in much the same way as the previous shaver we mentioned does. This shaver is also skin friendly and gives a comfortable shave. It’s one of the lighter travel shavers out there, which adds to the convenience factor. This shaver is best for those who have a thin beard. It’s meant to be used on a regular basis before your beard thickens.

The Braun M90 can be used as a backup shaver if your high-end shaver is out of commission. It can do well in a pinch and is best used on a daily basis to clean up stubble in a similar way to the previous shaver. This is also a wet and dry shaver, and it has options for mustache and sideburns styling.

This shaver is also available on Amazon, and it has dropped in price too, down to $22.99 from $24.99.
Braun M90 Mobile Travel Shaver

1. Remington R-91 Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver

It should first be noted that the Remington R-91 Travel Shaver features a rechargeable battery instead of using an AA battery like the rest of the shavers on this list. This shaver is recognized as the best-selling Remington shaver in Europe. Because of the rechargeable battery, this shaver is more expensive than the others that we’ve listed so far, but it’s still fairly cheap.

It’s recommended that you go with a travel shaver that doesn’t have a rechargeable battery since you might not always have access to a plug. However, if you want a travel shaver with a rechargeable battery then this is one of your best options. It has double track cutters that will give you a close shave even with one pass. It also uses independent floating heads for a smart shave.

There is also a newer version of this shaver available on Amazon, the Remington TF70CDN Travel Shaver. Much like the Remington R-91, this newer model uses AA batteries to operate and has many of the same features its predecessor had.

Remington R-91 Travel Shaver


It’s difficult to decide which of these compact men’s shavers is the best travel shaver you can buy. Each shaving device qualities that make it stand out. In the end, we did settle finally on the Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver as the best travel shaver. It uses AA batteries which make it particularly useful for on the go situations and it has a dry and wet functionality which is very convenient. For the ultra low price of $13.74, this shaver should not be passed up.

Now that we’ve listed our top pick, tell us what you think in the comments below.

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