Beard Balm Vs Oil: 3 Essential Differences You Should Know Of

Beards are the current rage with many mainstream men dabbling in the art of growing the perfectly soft and long beard. However, it takes more than just rough patience to get the perfect bearded look. In fact, there has been much contemplation around the right grooming methods. For instance, is trimming a good thing? Or are oils better than beard? Here, is a showdown of beard balm vs oil where you shall essentially understand the 3 major differences between them. However, before that here are some pointers that everyone should know about beards.

Why Is It Important to Groom Your Beard


There is a lot of patience and care that goes into growing the perfect beard. Letting winter stubble grow its own course will surely make you look like a ragamuffin. Here is everything you need to know about growing beards:

Tank Up On Vitamins

Growing is a very difficult and vital step to ensuring that you look your best like many poster boys for beard ads. However, caring for the hair growing on your jawline is extremely important as well. Beard grows best when you tank up on vitamins and proteins. It provides your hair follicles the necessary muscles to push out strong and thick hair.

Shave It

Before you plan on growing your beard, it is important that you properly shave your beard and scrape away to your skin.  A trimmer will not work for this. You need the right razor or a visit to the barber to get the ball rolling. The hair that grows after a shave is less coarse, in abundance and devoid of split ends. It is also healthier.

Care For It

Caring for your beard is a very important step in ensuring that it looks the way and grows out to become what you want it to. If you are not careful, then instead of a bear-like look, you might be stuck with a few straggly whiskers under your chin. There are many approaches to caring for your bear right. You can use:

  • Oils – Help in keeping your hair soft, and your follicles nourished
  • Balms – Great in styling while keeping your skin moisturized
  • Brush – Very important to maintaining consistency and texture
  • Comb – To ensure that it grows in a single direction and does not cluster
  • Beard Wash – It acts like shampoo but is softer on your jawline preventing dryness
  • Scissors – A sharp scissor to trim the corners and remove split ends.

It is important that you brush and comb your hair at least twice a day. Any oil or balm you use should be applied only after you clean your beard with a beard wash. Do not apply products till your beard is completely dry or else it might lead to unimaginable damage.

Why Is it Important to Grow Your Beard


Growing your beard through hard work and toil is just the first step in looking your best. Maintaining the look takes a tremendous amount of care and grooming.

Here are a few reasons why you should groom your beard:

To keep it healthy

A beard like any other hair in your body grows from hair follicles. It is important that you maintain your beard by brushing and oiling it regularly to keep the hair follicles healthy.

To make it grow quicker

Beard growing is a patient task and not for everyone. Though, there are ways to ensure that your hair grows thickly and quickly. Grooming tops the various methods to make your beard hair grow faster. Eating a protein-rich diet is also important.

Keep it clean

Grooming is important to keep your beard clean. With daily brushing, you ensure that your hair stays free of particles that might make it sticky. Also, brushing improves the blood circulation ensuring that your beard stays healthy.

Beard Balm vs Oil: 3 Differences


Over the generations and cultures, there has been heavy debate on the suitability of beard balm vs oil. Many people are of the misguided opinion that the two are similar and provide the same benefits. However, this could not be farther from the truth. This is an exhaustive differentiation between the two keeping three unique points in mind that are important to all beard growers and lovers – Conditioning, Styling and the type of beard.

Beard Conditioning

The basic ingredients in both beard balm and oil are similar. However, balms contain some extra conditioning ingredients that are very helpful for people stuck with coarse beards. The usual ingredients found in both oils and balms are carrier oils and essential oils. In some brands, you might find vitamin E oil as well. However, beard balms go a step further by including butter like Shea or cocoa and beeswax as well.

Here is a how these ingredients help your beard:

Carrier Oil

These oils are the essential building blocks to your beard appearance. They are typically in the form of Argan, Jojoba, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond oil. However, there are many other varieties of carrier oils in the high range products. Now, carrier oils are the primary ingredient in both beard oils as well as balm. They form the base ingredient with nourishment and moisturizing properties.

They are responsible for ensuring that your beard flakes stay to a minimum. A flaky beard is very unsightly and can get itchy as well. Carrier oils help in keeping your skin moisturized throughout the day, giving you extreme comfort. Additionally, if your partner complains of scratches or your beard feels too coarse then carrier oils are the solution for you. They take moisturizing a step further by ensuring that your beard does not have split ends.

olive oil

Essential Oils

These oils are common to both balms and oils. The kind of essential oil differentiates between the variety of brands and products available in the market. They are responsible for the delectable woody and manly smell that emanates from your beard. Essential oils are infused with a product to evoke fascinating fragrances. Some of the more typical ones are cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, etc.

They also help with a secondary function by acting as a natural anti-fungal and increasing blood flow to your skin. This is of paramount importance in beard growing. However, they behave the same way in both oil and balms, and the effect typically subsides within a few hours.

essential oils


Butter is where balms get the upper hand in beard balm vs oil. This is an additional moisturizing agent found in balms in the form of Shea butter and cocoa butter. These butters are found in a majority of products for both women and men. They act as a secondary killer coat to dry skins and flaky beards. Hence, if you have naturally drier skin, then products with butter ensure to moisturize your skin and nourish it.



Though used in minute quantities in beard balms, beeswax helps quite a bit in styling your beard. It is glaringly absent in beard oils which again makes balms the better choice. It helps in keeping the stubborn, straggly and wiry hair in check throughout the day. Secondly, beeswax acts as a skin protectant locking in the nutrients.


Beard Styling

When judging beard balm vs oil on styling abilities, oil gets is inferior. Beard oil has absolutely zero holding and binding capabilities. It provides very little effect by way of holding the style intended. However, if you are not one to drastically shape and bind your beard, then oils can work just fine.

Beard oils are made up of different oils with no binding agent added to it. Over time, with prolonged use, it will work to make your beard soft and nourished looking. However, it will not provide the needed volume and texture necessary to create a style. In contrast, beard balms with butters and beeswax go a long way in keeping your hair in check and in style.

Beard type

The effectiveness of beard balm vs oil depends upon the length, type, and texture of your beard. For men sporting shorter beards, that are typically less than 6 months, oils prove to be more useful. This is because, during the early days, there are fewer opportunities for styling and wiry whiskers. In the beginning, you shall be concentrating on nourishment and keeping your hair follicles healthy. Beard oils contain more carrier oils than balms. Hence, they are more useful for shorter beards.

Beard Balm vs Oil – The Conclusion

beard cutting

So what are the differences when it comes to beard balm vs oil? Which is the right option for you? In the age-old competition of beard balm vs oil, balms win in the long run. However, for people who are just starting to grow their beard, then beard oils serve the greater purpose. For instance, in the starting months, you would not require beeswax or butter to style your beard. However, you would need essential oils and carrier oils to ensure that your beard stays soft, nourished and healthy. That said, after a few months, you might need to switch to beard balms if you are planning on styling your beard or wearing it a certain way.

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