Braun 7 790cc Review

Braun 7 799cc-6 Shaver Review

The Braun 7 790cc is a member of the Braun series 7 electric razor family for men. With sleek, modern lines and attractive, ergonomic grip, this foil shaver is loaded with Braun special features. The main product Braun is selling is the electric razor. However, this model includes a cleaning system that is quite impressive in its own right. The cleaning system and the Braun 7 790cc work together to present a quality foil shaver.

In this article, we present an overview of the features of this product, including advantages and disadvantages of the design and what other users are saying about this product.

Key Features & Main Uses

[wp-review id=”49″]The Braun 7 790cc has two key features: the razor itself that claims to deliver a perfect shave every time and the cleaning system that maintains and sterilizes the razor when not in use. This electric shaver is intended for daily use.

Many manufacturers and users of electric razors state that most men require an adjustment period when moving from one product to another; Braun provides three shaving power levels so you can make this transition as smooth as possible. Thus, it is well suited for beginners, as well as experienced users.

This wet/dry shaver can be used with water, shave cream or shave gel, according to user preference. This shaver uses Braun’s unique Intelligent Sonic Technology. This technology automatically increases power when the razor encounters denser beard growth or while working in difficult areas.

You can find out more about the Intelligent Sonic Technology and Braun Series 7 from this explanatory video. You can purchase the Braun 7 790cc on Amazon for $174.

Braun 7 790cc Strengths

In this section, we will present the most important advantages of the Braun 7 790cc shaver.

  • Intelligent Sonic Technology. This refers to the vibrations the shaver employs to cut the hairs. These can go as high as 10,000 micro vibrations per minute when needed.
  • Active Lift Trimmer. This feature lifts the recumbent beard hairs for a closer shave and to limit the need for multiple passes over the same part of your face which reduces the possibility of skin irritation.
    2x OptiFoil.  Enables the closest possible shave with fewer strokes by cutting the hair shorter than most shaving systems.
  • Included Cleaning System. The cleaning system provides for a hygienic shaving experience. This process removes stubble and skin particles, cleans the shaving head and interior and prepares the shaver for the next shave by including a light oiling.
  • Flexibility. The Braun 7 790cc features a pivoting head to adjust to the contours of your face as you shave. Additionally, you may lock the head in place for areas that require more pressure or less motion such as the mustache region or neckline.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver


Users have very few complaints regarding the Braun 7 790cc. However, there are a few cons that seem to come up more often.

  • Replacement foils. Braun suggests that you may have to replace the foils every year or so, though much depends on the coarseness of your beard, the pressure applied while shaving, the frequency of your shave and your treatment of the shaver. However, the blades are expensive in comparison with the shaver and seem in short supply at times.
    Cleaning Refill. The cleaning refill cartridges are also pricy. If you clean using the system after each shave, you may end up spending about $60 a year on shaving cartridges. Many men are happy with being able to shave with a hygienic, sterilized razor each time and do not consider this excessive.
    Customer Service. If you have difficulties with your shaver, Braun requires you to ship the entire contents to their service center for evaluation. They tell you to anticipate 15-day turnaround. This is challenging as the cleaner and shaver are not easy to ship and 15 days is a long evaluation period.


The box includes the shaver, the cleaning/charging station, power cord, cleaning brush, starter set of cleaning solution and a travel bag.

Users’ Opinions

Though perhaps not seeking a cleaning/charging model, most users speak favorably of this system. With regular shaving, considering skin irregularity related to sun exposure, damage and irritations of the skin, many users love the sterilization of the razor. This inhibits the growth of bacteria in the shaver and prohibits transferring such bacteria to the exposed skin of the user; and shaving with a very clean razor is always preferable to shaving with a razor you just shook out over the sink when you were done.

Another user commented that this razor is well-adapted to the facial hair of African Americans. The Active Lifter trimmer is a particularly welcome feature since not all mens electric shavers are able to address the unique needs of African American men.

Many users comment that this razor reduces the amount of time you need to invest in shaving. The less time you spend shaving, the less chance you have of irritating your skin which is particularly important because skin irritation tends to build on existing skin irritation.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Shaver


Though a little pricey, the this shaver delivers many functions for the investment. These include the cleaning function, multi-positional shave head, three-power levels, and the cutting features specific to Braun. Since most men use will use this device every single day and they’ll likely take it on short trips as well, $150 is not too high a price to pay. Add to this the durability of the product and you defintily have a shaver worth considering.