Brut Aftershave Review

Many people shave to rid themselves of facial hair entirely or to reduce the amount to get a clean and neat look. While shaving is a relatively simple and inexpensive method of hair removal, it can have negative side effects. Razor burn can be both itchy and unsightly and end up looking worse than before… Continue reading Brut Aftershave Review

5 Best Shaving Scuttles

There appears to be an upping interest in shaving scuttles. These scuttles feature modern and vintage designs. Their design allows them to keep lather warm during the shaving session, allowing you a more luxurious experience.┬áSome of the best shaving scuttles on the market include: 1. Mid-Century Shaving Scuttle Price Range: $$ Amazon Best Seller Rank:… Continue reading 5 Best Shaving Scuttles

Braun Silk Epil 7 Review

Hair removable can be a time-consuming process for those with busy morning schedules. Any device that can make this process easier or work better can be a helpful addition for people who are trying to maintain a clean and professional look without the hassle and the cost of traditional hair removal methods. The Braun company… Continue reading Braun Silk Epil 7 Review

Old Spice Aftershave Review

Whether you are a male or female, shaving is a staple of life. Society has constructed an ideal model of body hair for both men and women and must adhere to these standards by shaving their faces, legs, what have you. However, since shaving requires the use of sharp blades to cut down strands of… Continue reading Old Spice Aftershave Review

Trym II Review

[amazon box=”B00FMB4864, B01LPT25A2, B0058SY1XQ, B01ACAGJ3E, ” template=”table”] Trimming hair manually each day can be a lengthy proposition for people who have a long morning grooming routine besides just hair removal. Using an electrically powered hair removal device can help you make this process a lot quicker. This can be a helpful inclusion for the people… Continue reading Trym II Review

10 Best Double Edge Razor Blades In 2019 For The Enthusiasts

Shaving is something most men partake in, and there are many factors that impact the quality of one’s shave. Contrary to how it used to be, there are many unique and convenient patents for razors on the market today. Most men always bought cheaper disposable razors that offered the bare minimum of quality and were… Continue reading 10 Best Double Edge Razor Blades In 2019 For The Enthusiasts