Men’s Grooming Tips: How to Groom Your Facial & Body Hair in 2018

grooming tips for men

Our complete men’s grooming guide teaches you how to care for your facial hair for a neat yet manly look, what to do with body hair, and how to be a well-groomed man in 2018.

This extensive list of men’s grooming tips includes guides on how to pick the best beard and mustache style for you, what to do with unwanted hair, or how to radically change your appearance by simply trimming the eyebrows.

We also talk about the best ways to care for our skin and how to groom body hair, plus a few hygiene tips that go hand in hand with grooming.

Beard Grooming Tips


  1. Pick the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape
  2. Get Some Help with Beard Growth from the Inside & Outside
  3. Be Patient & Mind the Timing
  4. Tame the Beard by Training the Hairs to Grow Downwards
  5. Trim at Least Once a Week
  6. Keep it Clean & Moisturized

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Mustache Grooming Tips


  1. Pick the Right Style for You
  2. Get Your Mustache Trimming Technique Straight
  3. Get it Under Control
  4. Use a Blow Dryer for Stubborn Strays & Challenging Mustache Styles


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Eyebrow Grooming Tips


  1. Start with Trimming Rebel or Longer Hairs
  2. Go on with Plucking, but Don’t Overdo it!
  3. Don’t Be Too Harsh on Your Unibrow
  4. Stay Away from Razors, Wax, Threading, & the Like!

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Nose and Ear Hair Grooming Tips


  1. Trim Nose Hair
  2. Ideally, You Should Wax Ear Hair

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Body Hair Grooming Tips


  1. Don’t Shave or Wax, Trim Instead
  2. Use a Different Trimmer for Your Body
  3. Always Trim Dry & Moisturize Afterwards
  4. Use Higher Guard Settings for Your Armpits and Groin
  5. Don’t Overdo it!


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Male Personal Hygiene Tips


  1. Use a Face & Body Scrub
  2. Use Pumice Stone & Scrub on Your Feet
  3. Trim Your Nails & Keep Them Clean
  4. Comb Your Hair & Get Regular Haircuts





Beard Grooming Tips

Grooming a beard can be a challenge until you get the hang of it, but there are a few basic rules you need to keep in mind in the meantime.

The first section in our men’s grooming tips article outlines how to choose a beard style that highlights your features and how to keep it under control, how to accelerate the growth process and get rid of the patchy beard, and some general tips on how to groom a beard no matter the beard style of your choice.


Tip #1: Pick the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Many believe your natural beard pattern is the main determinant of how to style it and, while this might be true for most men, there’s another factor that matters much more: the shape of your face. You will need to choose a beard style that naturally highlights your best features while shifting focus from the not-so-attractive or oversides ones.

Here’s a short guide to the best beard trimming styles depending on your face shape:

  • Round face (round at the top and bottom): short on the sides and long on the chin for full beards, but goatees like the Van Dyke and chin straps that are somewhat longer at the bottom might also work if you can pull off that style and take good care of it. The Balco and the Anchor beard might also be appropriate.
  • Oval face (round hairline and jawline, somewhat long): most styles as long as they’re properly maintained and have even length. If you have this face type, you’re in luck as it allows any beard & mustache style!
  • Oblong face (thin cheeks and jaw, pointed chin): the ideal styles involve long sides and short hairs on the chin. Sideburns should be longer with a full beard, but other styles that will fit this face shape are Mutton Chops and extended goatee.
  • Square face (jawline with hard, visible angles, broader hairline): hair should generally be shorter on the sides and fuller on the chin to avoid a blocky look that might make your face look too wide. The best styles include the Anchor, the Balbo, chin strip or strap, and variations of the Goatee.
  • Diamond face (wide cheekbones, narrow forehead and jawline): the general rule of thumb is to go wider on the sides and cheeks to tone down the prominence of the cheekbones. The best styles for this face shape are the full beard, the Balbo beard, or goatees.

Tip #2: Get Some Help with Beard Growth from the Inside & Outside

If you’re having trouble growing out your beard or it’s simply patchy, you might want to go the extra mile and stick to a diet for hair growth. These men’s grooming tips for beard growth should firstly involve eating well, avoiding alcohol and drugs, and drinking plenty of water. Mix in plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for the vitamins, fish, nuts, and seeds for the omega 3 fatty acids, eggs for the protein, leafy greens for the iron, and whole grains for the biotin.

Alternatively, you can try out some health supplements specifically formulated for beard growth or multivitamins and omega-3 fatty acids supplements. You can also help your beard hairs grow stronger and faster with topical treatments, one of the most popular beard growth tips due to their localized effect; you can read more about this in our collection of the best beard growth products.


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Tip #3: Be Patient & Mind the Timing

If you just decided to shape your beard, know the timeline is important. Keep into account that a healthy beard should be left untouched for the first 5 weeks as hairs have different growth speeds. This will give you a better idea of the beard styles that will work best for you not only considering face shape, but also the beard hair type.

You should consider growing a beard for the first time during a vacation or about two months away from an important business meeting. This is one of the most looked-over men’s grooming tips on this list.

Tip #4: Tame the Beard by Training the Hairs to Grow Downwards

Even though beard trimming is essential, it’s not the only thing you can do for a neat beard. No matter the shape you choose, a daily brushing or combing is essential for a neat on-the-spot look, but it will also help in the long run; with time, your hairs will learn what you want from them and will find the optimal growth direction by themselves.

Since the material is extremely important when talking about hairs, make sure you check out the best beard brushes on the market.


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If your beard hairs are particularly stubborn, one of the best beard grooming products to use is a high-quality beard oil or a styling wax, one of the must-follow men’s grooming tips if you’re growing a beard.


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Tip #5: Trim at Least Once a Week

The most important tip on how to groom a beard involves regular trimming or pruning after the few months it takes to grow from nothing. Even if you want to further grow out your beard and change the style, trimming a beard is essential after the aforementioned 5-month period for beginners.

Get a high-quality beard trimmer like the Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 and a complete grooming kit if you’re a beginner. With time, after trying out more beard products and finding the men’s grooming tips that work for you, you will find the best practices for your hair type and beard style of choice.


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Here’s how to trim your beard:

  1. Wash the beard with special shampoo and conditioner to soften the hairs.
  2. Gently pat it dry with a towel; rough movements will split the ends of your hairs and tangle them. Always cut or trim the beard dry as wet hair hangs heavy and does not give an accurate depiction of the final shape.
  3. Get your trimmer or clippers and start trimming in downward movements from the cheeks to your neck. If you’re not a fan of the Multigroom 3000, you can go for another beard trimmer from this list. If you’re trimming your beard for the first time, make sure you leave room for error and start with a bigger guard. Also, keep in mind the style you’re aiming towards – some require longer sides while other ones need longer chins to work for you.Note: One of the most important men’s grooming tips is to keep a neutral face while trimming facial hair – do not smile or make grimaces!
  4. Define the neckline that works for your beard shape. The general rule of thumb on how to trim a beard neckline is, your beard should end about two fingers above your Adam’s apple.
  5. Oil the beard up, comb or brush it again, and use a pair of scissors to cut any stray hairs you might have missed.

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Tip #6: Keep it Clean & Moisturized

Always keep the skin and beard hairs clean to avoid beard dandruff and moisturize at least once a day to avoid flaky, dry skin. You can get a highly moisturizing face wash for quick and easy results; however, this doesn’t mean you should skip the beard shampoo and conditioner!

Mustache Grooming Tips

Even though they’re made out of the same hair type, beards and mustaches require slightly different grooming techniques. The length, width, and style of your mustache all depend on your facial features just like with beards, but the effects are much more noticeable.

A high mustache, for example, can balance out a large chin while a wide one can even out a nose that’s a little too big AND bring balance to a long face, while a handlebar mustache will make the mouth appear wider.” alt=”handlebar mustache closeup” width=”700″ height=”435″ /> Image source:″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

Image source:


Here are some basic men’s grooming tips on how to choose the best mustache styles for you and how to trim a mustache for a neat, manly look:

Tip #1: Pick the Right Style for You

The best mustache style for you should highlight and extend any features that are too small and/or draw attention away from large ones while also keeping into account your face shape. Therefore, correctly styling a mustache is not an easy task.

Here’s a short rundown of the best mustache styles depending on face shape and other features:

  • Chevron mustache: counterbalances large features without being too much, therefore it works for all face types except for one with small features. If you have good follicles, it requires minimum maintenance. Also known as trucker mustache.
  • Pencil mustache: broadens the lips without adding too much weight to the middle of your face and adds a touch of elegance. It is, however, a high-maintenance mustache style as it requires daily shaving because it’s so thin and doesn’t work on people with large facial features.
  • Handlebar mustache: adds width to the mouth and face and is ideal for narrow faces. But considering its width is highly customizable, it can work for anyone no matter the face type or features. However, it is a bit high maintenance since shaping the end curls require some effort and dedication.
  • Horseshoe mustache: adds length to your face which makes it ideal for round or square faces. It’s a highly versatile mustache style as it can be worn bushy by those with larger face features or lighter for men with normal facial features.
  • Walrus mustache: adds weight to the upper lip and tones down large facial features, making it ideal for men with large noses or wide faces. Men with round and/or wide faces can also benefit from this mustache style if mixing it up with the horseshoe and bringing down the sides a bit.

Tip #2: Get Your Mustache Trimming Technique Straight

Trimming a mustache keeps it under control and paves the way for a tidy appearance in the long run as regularly pruning hairs ensures healthy growth and appearance. Here are our men’s grooming tips on how to trim your mustache the right way:

  1. Just like with your beard, you will need to wash, condition, and dry your mustache.
  2. Add a bit of oil and comb through the mustache before starting to trim it so all the hairs are neatly arranged and manageable.
  3. Trim down the bottom and the sides of your mustache, if any – either with scissors or with an electric trimmer. You should start from the middle of your upper lip to the sides, then back to the middle. However, keep in mind the mustache style of choice – you don’t want to trim down the curls of your handlebar mustache until later.Note: It’s important to keep a neutral face – do not smile or make grimaces!
  4. Comb through the mustache once again and work the length of the upper hairs while also getting rid of any strays you might have missed in the third step.

Tip #3: Get it Under Control

Even though beards and mustaches are made out of the same type of hairs, grooming a mustache often requires a bit more experience and a few extra products. A high-quality mustache wax is essential for keeping even the wildest stray hairs in place, but will also work well for people with tamer ones since it keeps the mustache well groomed for a whole day.

Tip #4: Use a Blow Dryer for Stubborn Strays & Challenging Mustache Styles

If nothing seems to work for taming your mustache, you need to get the big guns out and turn on your hair dryer. This will only work when combined with wax, as the heated wax will penetrate the hairs, soften them, and make them easier to manage. After setting them in place, turn your hair

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