Bald Eagle Skull Shaver Review

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If you are a man, who is interested in the best way to maintain your smooth bald head, you should consider investing in a top of the line skull shaver. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shaver, The Bald Eagle Skull Shaver is a solid choice when it comes to maintaining your well-groomed appearance.

An affordable alternative to expensive razors and foams, the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver costs $89.99 on Amazon.


[wp-review id=”17″]The Eagle Shaver uses a unique design that includes a horizontal handle. This innovation in the handle helps the user  hold the shaver more easily, which prevents it from slipping out of your hand. The handle design makes the shaver user-friendly, by providing a more comfortable grip. It keeps your wrist at a comfortable angle, thus shaving your head becomes easy. You don’t have to worry about the pain associated with awkward angles, difficulty in adjusting your grip on the shaver, or even accidentally dropping.

This shaver has a concave head that includes five independent rotary blades. It is larger than other comparable models, which means you can remove a lot of hair in a short amount of time. The design features flexible, spring-mounted foil cutters, which make the head much more flexible. Thus, it smoothly adjusts automatically to shave every curve of your skull.

You can shave your entire head, face, and neck with the shaver. The Bald Eagle Skull Shaver is made for wet/dry shaving. Its exclusive targeted design makes the shaving process quick, painless, and even enjoyable.

You can watch this video tutorial to find out more about how you can use this electric head shaver.


Presented here are the most important features and facts about the Bald Eagle Shaver for your review and information.

Customer reviews are great. The customers who have used and reviewed this product say positive things about using the shaver. This product got 4.5 out of 5 stars as a rating on, a top online review authority.

Grip Comfort. Because of its comfortable fit in your hand, the horizontal handle makes shaving the back of your head and other hard to reach spots much easier. This design makes the process of shaving your head a more comfortable and less tedious process overall.

Shave without pain. The motor’s power along with the high-quality rotary cutters and flexibility of the head make this shaver able to provide a more comfortable closer shave. Users of this shaver report little or no painful pulling of hair – an effect that has been associated with some shavers when used on the thick hair growing from the scalp.

Bald Eagle Smart

Quick and easy cleaning. The shaver can be cleaned quickly and easily within a minute or two. You can even rinse and clean it without opening the shaver heads.

Battery charge is long-lasting. With the use of a high-power lithium-ion rechargeable battery, one full charge can provide cordless shaving for up to 90 minutes. With average use, this means you only charge it a few times per month.


Nothing is perfect. While the shaver provides benefits and real strengths as outlined above, there are a few shortcomings you need to know about before buying one, too.

Noisy at first. A few people reported that during their first use of the shaver, their shaver made strange noises. The problem seems easily fixed when customers make sure the shaver head assembly and the drive socket collar are attached firmly together.

Expected a closer shave. When first switching to an electric razor, customers note that the shave is not as close as they would like. Reportedly, everyday use for a couple of weeks trains the hair in a way that makes an incredibly close shave possible from then on.

Parts missing from shipment. While a fairly common complaint, especially with new companies, this company’s outstanding customer service makes sure you get any problems solved with your shipment as fast as possible.

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Details


Comes with North American plug – Universal Adapter sold separately.

Users’ Opinions

Most users report they are extremely satisfied with the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver. Many cite the closeness of the shave as one of its strong points. According to a number of users, this shaving product is especially well-suited for beginners, who might not have a lot of experience using professional head shavers.

User reviews also point out that this particular head shaver is great for men with sensitive skin. It manages to keep the scalp free of irritation and moisturized, while still providing a clean shave.

The company’s customer service department is also exemplary, according to buyers.

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The fact that you can’t use the shaver in the bathtub or shower is a pretty big weakness. However, overall this is a product that many men will find a practical and useful for providing a smooth, comfortable shave. It addresses the problem of hard to reach shaving areas and still manages to provide a comfortable experience for the user, due to its unique handle.

It also saves time and money over other shaving solutions. Traditional dry razor shavers, that need new blades and shaving cream to obtain a clean, safe shave. This product offers the convenience of being able to shave your head yourself with satisfactory results. We would recommend the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver for men who want to attain or maintain a smooth bald look.