10 Best Remington Electric Shavers

Deciding on an electric shaver can be a difficult process. There are several models available in dry, wet, and wet/dry varieties. They’re also available in several different prices ranges. The purpose of this article is to cover ten of the best Remington electric shavers available sorted from most expensive to most affordable. We will provide… Continue reading 10 Best Remington Electric Shavers

Dovo Straight Razor Review: Should You Buy It?

Mastering a straight razor can ensure you end up with a clean, quick, comfortable shave. However, the process is intimidating to many beginners. The initial investment of purchasing a straight razor can seem high compared to other types, and using one can be difficult at first. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at using… Continue reading Dovo Straight Razor Review: Should You Buy It?

3 Beard Balm Recipe That Are Natural, Homemade, And Safe

Did you know when you decided to grow a beard it would involve so much maintenance? In the beginning, when your beard is just growing out, it is itchy. Later it can be unruly and hard to manage. Sometimes the skin beneath the beard gets dry and flaky, and you can develop ‘beardruff’ or dandruff… Continue reading 3 Beard Balm Recipe That Are Natural, Homemade, And Safe

English Leather Aftershave Review

Men use aftershave for all sorts of reasons. Some people think that aftershave is only to provide fragrance but there is a lot more to this product. With the right aftershave, you will not only smell great but you can refresh your face after shaving, soothe sore skin, tighten up pores, reduce redness, and hydrate… Continue reading English Leather Aftershave Review

Clubman Aftershave Review

Clubman aftershave is a classic aftershave company for classic men. We love the fresh feeling of a smooth face and the close touch of skin after a good shave. But, how can you get the best shave possible? And, more importantly, how can you make sure you get the best rush from your aftershave? We… Continue reading Clubman Aftershave Review