Hair Be Gone! 8 Hair Removal for Men to Keep Your Grooming Up to Snuff

hair removal for men a man with shaving cream on half his face and half of his face smooth

hair removal for men a man with shaving cream on half his face and half of his face smooth

Growing hair is a rite of passage for men—seeing hair sprout up all over the place spells impending manhood and garners high fives from the guys.

Most of us spend our younger years experimenting with different facial hair—the Tom Selleck mustache, Zach Brown beard or Billy Bob Thornton soul patch all made appearances on most of our faces.

What grows out must come off eventually, and we’re here to help you sort through the various types of hair removal for men available to you.

Manscaping has become all the rage as men take control of the hair on their bodies. Making an appointment for hair removal has become the status quo for men, so there’s no shame involved—call with confidence if you go that route.

How Does It Grow, Anyway?

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Yeah, the science of your hair growth is just one of those things you take for granted but don’t really understand—unless you’re a scientist, then you already know. But for the rest of us, we’re going to break it down in a fun and easy way.

Each pore on your body has a follicle make up of cells of protein, and that’s where your hair starts to grow.

Your blood vessels feed the root, and as it grows up through the skin, it passes an oil gland to keep it shiny and soft—or really greasy if you skip a shower day or four.

Once your hair pops through your skin, it’s dead. Every single hair on your body is dead. That’s why we don’t run in horror when we get our hair cut. It’s also going to make this hair removal for men conversation more fun than horrific.

 Hair Removal for Men Through Time

side view of a balding man

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Yeah, the science of your hair growth is just one of those things you take for granted but don’t really understand—unless you’re a scientist, then you already know. But for the rest of us, we’re going to break it down in a fun and easy way.

Each pore on your body has a follicle make up of cells of protein, and that’s where your hair starts to grow. Your blood vessels feed the root, and as it grows up through the skin, it passes an oil gland to keep it shiny and soft—or really greasy if you skip a shower day or four.

Once your hair pops through your skin, it’s dead. Every single hair on your body is dead. That’s why we don’t run in horror when we get our hair cut. It’s also going to make this hair removal for men conversation more fun than horrific.

Hair Removal Around the World

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Americans are the only ones looking for solutions to hair removal for men. Many westernized countries also approve of men going for a smoother look.

Take a look at your global counterparts:

  • Canada – just like us but a little bit nicer
  • China – body hair is considered natural for men and women, so hair removal isn’t really popular
  • Germany – the Germans prefer shaving over all other removals. Men shave their armpits, groin, and chest leaving their legs and arms au natural
  • Italy – Italian men like a smooth chest and armpits, they tend to leave the rest alone
  • French – The French like to trim their hair and keep in maintained over removing it altogether
  • England – British men remove their armpit hair and keep the rest neatly trimmed
  • Spain –  the typical Spaniard likes his chest and legs smooth

Americans seem to be the trendsetters when it comes to hair removal for men. If you only want your chest and legs smooth, you can just cite your Spanish heritage.

Where to Keep Your Hair and Why

man washing hair

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There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to manscaping. We have opinions and important things for you to consider.

  • Armpits – if you completely shave them, you’re going to sweat more. Women also say they prefer men to have at least some hair under their arms—unless you’re bodybuilding, keep a bit of trimmed hair
  • Arms – women generally agree shaved arms are not as attractive as natural ones and can even be weird. If you have long, thick or dark hair, take a trimmer to it but don’t make it look like it’s stubble growing back in
  • Chest – the jury is out on this one, but we don’t think you can go wrong if you want to go the smooth route. Be sure to do something other than shave if you’re planning on getting close to someone—the stubble can be brutal
  • Back and Shoulders – there’s far less debate here. If you’re at all self-conscious about it, get rid of it. There are ways for you to shave your back or you can go to the local salon and get it waxed
  • Legs – if you’re about to compete in a swim meet or bicycle race, removing your hair from your legs will give you an edge. Other than that, hair on men’s legs is normal, and most women think her man shaving his legs kinda weirds them out
  • Groin – there are a lot of reasons to go smooth here—it can be more hygienic, visually attractive and even pleasurable for your partner—nuff said

Remember, you are the boss of your hair and if you want it gone, get rid of it. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. Just be sure to pick the right method for you and the area you’re considering.

Why Have Your Hair Removed?

bald man talking on cell phone

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The reason each man wants to remove hair is completely individual and personal. You have zero explaining to do to anyone.

It’s your body, your hair, your decision. Just so you don’t feel alone in your decision, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons men choose to go for a smoother look and feel.


man and woman hugging

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The number one reason men go the hair removal route is their romantic partner. Men want to be smooth to the touch all over.

Women say they prefer a smooth back and—ahem—nether region. The jury is out on a smooth chest, but there’s definitely a market for it.

Men cite not wanting to worry about what their partner is thinking if they’re sporting a lot of hair. They also feel sex is better when they’re smooth.

Women are asking for their partners to be smooth because it looks smoother and feels more comfortable.

Competitive Sports

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Why do athletes shave their body hair? There are good reasons for it. It’s been proven swimmers perform better when their entire body is hairless.

They had reduced blood lactate, and their stroke length increased. If you’re planning on swimming competitively, shaving everything will help you beat out the guy next to you.

Cyclists also shave their legs although there’s not any proof it increases performance. The thing it does help with is cleaning wounds in case of a spill.

Wounds and road rash without hair are easier to clean and care for. Massages are common among this group, and they feel better on smooth skin.

Runners enjoy a proven performance advantage sprinting if their legs are hairless. Wrestlers go hairless to prevent chaffing and rashes. Bodybuilders, as you might imagine, go hairless for aesthetic purposes—they oil up and get judged on their definition.


toned man posing for camera

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We are not passing judgement here. If you like the way you look without hair, then take it off. When you like the way you look, your self-esteem and confidence will go through the roof.

People are naturally attracted to others who feel good about themselves. If you want smooth skin, do it—live your best life.

What Are My Options?

So, you’ve decided to take the leap into hair removal—you need to know what’s available to you. We’re going to explore the pros and cons of each hair removal for men option so you can make an informed decision on how to take it off.

The Basics

If you’re in a pinch and need to remove hair like now, there are a couple of options that will have you smooth in no time.


man getting his face shaved

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This is the cheapest and fastest hair removal for men option, but it is not without its drawbacks. Shaving could be a good trial run if you’ve never gone hairless before.

Tools of the Trade

hair removal tools

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First, you need to use a quality razor. We recommend a four-blade unit and a lubricating and moisturizing shave balm. Be sure to use a quality balm after to reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs as much as possible.

This is one of the biggest problems with shaving—hair you shave grows back the very next day. Think about when you shave your face. The same thing will happen all over your body.

Once your hair starts growing back, it’ll be obvious on any part of your body exposed to other people’s eyes. It’s not necessarily a good look.

It will also feel rough to the touch and is absolutely not conducive to any sort of friction between two bodies—wink, wink.


  • Quick and effective in a pinch
  • Inexpensive


  • Grows back immediately
  • Unsightly regrowth
  • Chance of nicks and cuts

Body Hair Trimmers

body hair trimmers

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These aren’t your average beard trimmers. These are not designed for detailed trimming like your facial hair apparatus is. The great thing about body hair trimmers is the wider head to get a larger area quickly.

Tools of the Trade

These don’t require scouring high-end stores for the perfect tool. There are plenty available in drug stores and even more online.

Here are some of our favorites:

These trimmers range in price for $25-$100.

Hair Removal Creams

hair removal cream

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Also known as a depilatory cream, these products dissolve the hair at the root. These are perfect for easy to reach places or have someone help you with areas you can’t see.

Leave the cream on for five to ten minutes and wash off with the scraper tool if it comes with one. You can also just use the friction of a washcloth to remove the cream and dissolved hair. Hair grows back in 5-14 days, so it eeks out shaving.

You also don’t risk cutting yourself, and it reduced razor burn although bumps may appear as hair grows back. This isn’t the right choice for those of you with super sensitive skin—it may burn or leave a rash. PS—it smells pretty bad, just a heads up.

Tools of the Trade

a table with barber's shaving tools

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Luckily, there are a lot of choices when it comes to hair removal for men creams—many of which you can find at the drug store:

  • Nair body cream hair removal for men
  • Nad’s hair removal for men cream
  • Nair hair removal for men spray
  • Veet  hair removal for men gel

Read the instructions carefully—each cream is a little different. We advise paying close attention to test patch recommendation.

This will make sure you’re not allergic and will save you a lot of heartache and discomfort. We also don’t recommend this stuff in your pubic region unless you have the skin of a superhero.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fast acting
  • Convenient


  • Only lasts up to a few weeks
  • Off-putting smell
  • Not for sensitive skin

Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Have an Appointment?

man with wig on

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Now we’re getting to the good stuff. This is the next level in hair removal for men. While you can do a few at home, these can also be done in a salon offering these services. Some are costly but can eventually become permanent.

Sugar Waxing

a bowl of wax

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Sugar waxing sounds like one of those mystical things women talk about like bronzer, eyebrow threading, and feelings. It’s actually a paste made of sugar, lemon juice, and water.

When you rub it in the opposite direction of your hair growth, it cools. Once cooled and flicked off, it takes hair off from the root.

It’s an up-and-coming way to remove hair in a semi-permanent way. There are kits you can buy and do at home and even recipes you concoct at home if you’re so inclined—we didn’t think so.

Professionals are beginning to offer this on their menu of services, and we recommend letting a professional handle this, at least the first time if you can find it in your area. Hair grows back softer and slower—about three to four weeks and may become permanent after a series of treatments.

Tools of the Trade

hand pulling up wax

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You can peruse sites like Amazon and pick out a sugaring kit of your own.

They come with sugar paste, applicators, gloves, and an anti-ingrown hair solution. 

Their instructions are clear. We recommend starting with a small patch just to see if you’re up for the pain—even though it’s less painful than waxing.

Sugaring at-home kits range in price from $20-$50. Getting it done by a professional starts around $40 for your pubic area and goes up from there depending on the size of the area to be sugared.


  • Lasts 3-5 weeks
  • Can become permanent
  • Natural ingredients
  • Less painful than waxing


  • Can be expensive
  • Is more painful than shaving or creams


woman putting eyelashes on woman

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We’ve all heard of this method of removing hair because it’s got a reputation for being painful. Why? Oh, because it is. It gets less painful the more you do it, and it can eventually become permanent if done regularly.

Waxing is done by placing warmed wax on the skin and placing a cotton strip over the wax until it cools and hardens.

Then the cotton strip is quickly pulled off against hair growth. A good esthetician will immediately put something cooling on the area, and the pain will quickly subside.

Tools of the Trade

There are a plethora of waxing kits you can buy online, at drug stores and even the grocery store. Some of them are pre-waxed strips you warm between your palms and apply quickly to your skin.

These are typically not very effective on courser hair or large areas. We advise using straight up wax and cotton strip kits.

Calling your salon and making an appointment will be much easier and more effective. It’s difficult to wax yourself—we’re not programmed to inflict pain on ourselves and not removing the strip slowly is really painful.

At-home kits range in price from $10-$35. Getting it done in a salon by an esthetician starts at $15 for a small area and goes up from there. It can get pricey, but it’s way more effective than other at home treatments.


  • Lasts up to 5 weeks
  • Can become permanent
  • Great for large areas


  • Well, it hurts
  • Not for super sensitive skin or sensibilities
  • Can be pricey over time


Despite its name, this does not involve needles. This is one of the mystical things girls talk about that make no sense to us.

It’s done by the practitioner rolling a looped cotton thread over unwanted hair. The loop traps the hair and plucks it out. It’s difficult to learn so don’t be crazy and try it at home.

Because it’s just like tweezing, there are no ingrown hairs to worry about. There are no chemicals, creams or potions, so it’s also a much healthier solution for a smooth outcome.

Tools of the Trade

Well, since you can’t do this at home, you need to do some online research. Don’t just jump into the first salon you see offering threading. Check out their reviews to make sure people are happy with the results.

It takes time for someone to get really good at threading—you don’t want to be the first person they’re going live on.

Threading is most effective on flat surfaces so it won’t work on your pubic area or knees and elbows.

Threading starts around $30 for a small area and goes up from there.


  • Gentle and natural
  • Doesn’t leave behind ingrown hair
  • Less painful than waxing


  • One of the pricier salon options
  • Difficult to find a qualified esthetician

The Big Guns

Here’s where it gets real. These are serious solutions for hair removal for men. You’ll need an appointment at a medical spa or dermatologist’s office.

These are pricier options and will require you to open up your wallet more often than other solutions.

Laser Hair Removal

It might sound intimidating, but laser hair removal for men is one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the country. The lasers beam their concentrated light into the hair follicle. The hair absorbs the light, and that light destroys the hair.

Because this procedure depends on the hair absorbing the light, this doesn’t work on ultra-light, white or gray hair. It’s particularly effective on the kind of hair most people want to get rid of—course, dark hair.

It’s super quick too. The laser can handle an area the size of a quarter in about one second—one second! You can plan on upwards of an hour for areas like your back, chest, and legs.

Tools of the Trade

It’s so important to thoroughly vet the doctor or technician before visiting the office. It’s totally appropriate for you to have a consultation so you can get an accurate quote and have all your questions answered.

You’ll need to stop all other hair removal for men techniques for about six weeks before your procedure. During the procedure, you’ll have to wear protective eyewear—it is a laser after all.

They’ll also spread a protective gel on the skin about to be treated. People say it feels like little pinpricks which is better than the ripping of waxing.

The office will provide you with ice packs and pain medication should there be any discomfort. You’ll need to keep that area out of the sun for up to six weeks after the procedure because your skin will be more sensitive to UV rays.

The hair removal for men  takes three to five sessions before people report it becoming permanent.

The price of the procedure depends on the area to be treated, the amount of hair involved and the kind of center you choose. We found that a session typically starts at around $250.


  • Becomes permanent
  • Professional and safe


  • Expensive
  • Takes multiple trips before it becomes permanent


This is another popular hair removal for men option in dermatologist offices. Like, laser removal, it requires several visits.

This technique uses a device that uses shortwave radio frequencies to disrupt the hair follicle. The hair falls out, and it inhibits new growth.

Electrolysis can be done anywhere on the body, including the face and pubic area.

Tools of the Trade

You need to do research on a local med spa or dermatologist’s office. Always be sure to read reviews, particularly of the spas.

There are hand-held devices available for purchase, but we don’t recommend them—they’re not FDA approved and not nearly as effective as having it done by a professional.

Side effects are minimal and often just involve a little bit of pain that goes away after a day or two. Once you’ve completed the number of sessions needed for the hair removal to be permanent, you’re done.

The price of this procedure varies depending on the office you choose, and the size of the area being treated. Call around to get pricing for the treatment you want to have done.


  • Permanent after a few sessions
  • Side effects disappear after a few days
  • Minimal pain


  • Requires weekly sessions
  • Expensive

Ask Your Doctor

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If you’re completely overwhelmed by all your options, just take a trip to a dermatologist’s office. You don’t have to have anything particular in mind.

Just talk to the doctor about the areas you’d like to remove hair from, your budget and whether you’d like it to be permanent.You can even talk to the doctor about special shaving balms and ways to avoid razor burn or ingrown hairs. They can talk you through the best options even if you don’t want to invest in services they use.

It’s All Up to You

At the end of the day, you are the master of your own domain. It’s completely acceptable to use any or all of our hair removal for men options.

If you’re not sure you want it to be permanent, choose one of the temporary solutions to be sure the smoothness is for you.

We just want to leave you with this last thought: if you’re thinking of permanently removing your hair for a romantic partner and you haven’t taken any vows, you might want to hold off.

If things don’t work out with your current partner and your future spouse—your next partner—who likes a hairy chest strolls into your life, you won’t have any options if you’ve sprung for permanence.

Whatever you choose, you’ll exude self-confidence while you present your smooth or hairy face and body to the world.

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